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We Clean, Polish & Refine Tile, Marble & Wood Flooring

Floor Care – Cleaning, Waxing & Polishing

To keep your floors looking their best, it’s important to have them regularly cleaned and polished. By skipping out on this high priority upkeep, you leave your building susceptible to germs, bacteria, and damage.

If your building experiences high levels of foot traffic, you are likely in need of a thorough floor cleaning or refinishing.

Reviving your wood floors may be a good option without breaking the bank on expensive sanding and refinishing.
Having your hardwood floors professionally cleaned is a less costly alternative. We believe your hardwood floors can and should always look new.
The key is to keep them in good shape before you have to go through the time, expense and inconvenience of sanding and refinishing.

Our Floor Cleaning and Care Services

      • Floor Spray Buffing: For this process, we use our high-performance floor polishing machine combined with a spray buff to give floors a clean, glossy finish.
      • Floor Stripping and Refinishing: We begin floor refinishing by removing old wax, dirt build up, and stains form the surface. We then apply several new coats of wax to the floor for protection.
      • Floor Sealing: Our floor care specialists are able to seal many different types of flooring, including: cement, terrazzo, ceramic tile, and quarry tile floors.
      • Floor Cleaning & Disinfecting: Our floor cleaning services are successful at removing stains, germs, debris, dirt, and bacteria from your floors. We provide floor cleaning and disinfecting services for tile floors, laminate floors, hardwood floors, cement floors, and more.
      • Carpet Cleaning: For this service, our team uses high-performance vacuums and cleaning materials to give your carpet a clean, stain-free look. Our services are also effective at removing dirt, pollen, or other potential allergens from your carpet.
      • Floor Polishing:Have your marble floors lost their shine? We provide floor polishing services for all marble floors and countertops throughout Miami.

When you partner with the Ultra Cleaning Pro team, you can expect stunning results after every cleaning service.

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